When looking for care for Oliver there were three main things I was looking for – caring teachers, good education program and a clean safe learning environment.
I found all this and more at That Little Kindy, they soon became like a part of our family not only for me but also for my parents and Oliver’s older Sister.

They were loving, supportive and understanding and this made Oliver’s introduction to schooling the best I could of asked for.
As a result Oliver was more than ready for Kindergarden when the time came and he is now thriving in school. I can not thank That Little Kindy enough for what they have done for Oliver and I.
I had the comfort of dropping Oliver off to caring teachers who genuinely care for their students. I felt at ease going to my corporate job where I need to be 100% focused at all times. I never had to worry about Oliver or what he may be doing or how he was being treated.
That Little Kindy treated Oliver like apart of their family, while also kickstarting and maintaining his education to best prepare him for ‘Big School’.
I have since had twin girls and there is no question as to where they will be going when they turn 2.
They will also get the best start to their schooling journey, with the best care and support from the wonderful teachers at That Little Kindy.
Thank you again Katie, Wendy and all the teachers at That Little Kindy for making mine and Oliver’s life so easy and taking such good care of Oliver during his time there.