The best way to see if That Little Kindy is the right child care centre for your child and your family, is to come in and have a look for yourself.

To do this you are able book a tour where we will guide you around the centre, introduce you to our educators and help you understand the day-to-day routines that your child will experience. This is also a great time raise any questions of concerns you might have.

Upon enrolment we ask that you:
  • Complete our enrolment form
  • Provide a copy of your child’s immunisation statement from Medicare
  • Provide a copy of your child’s birth certificate
  • Provide a copy of any court orders in place
  • Provide a current action plan signed by your doctor for any medical matters
  • Update your details via MyGov to claim and CCS


Your family’s combined income will calculate the CCS percentage you are entitled to.

Under the CCS system, you will only be able to access the Child Care Subsidy if you are doing suitable activity and the amount of activity will then determine how many hours of Childcare Subsidy you are eligible for. CCS is linked to how much a family contributes to the Australian economy through activity. This activity level is calculated from the parent with the lowest number of hours of activity.

What you need to do

  •  Sign into your Centrelink online account through myGov
  •  Select Complete your Child Care Subsidy assessment task.
  •  Work through the steps to provide information and confirm your current details.

You can learn more about the steps to complete the CCS here


$65.00 Booking Fee (non-refundable)

Bond – Two Weeks Full Fees (Refundable only with 2 weeks’ written notice)

Two weeks fees in advance – $102.00 per day before any CCS payments

Fees are payable by EFTPOS, credit card Direct Debit or Direct Deposit into our account.


After many years of observation, we believe a minimum of two days if needed to help the children settle into care. If a child attends only two day, one of those days must be a Monday or Friday.



As part of the enrolment process, families are required to provide a copy of the child’s ACIR (Australian Childhood Immunisation Register) immunisation statement and status.

These records must be updated throughout your time at the Centre.