We have sent my daughter as well as my son to That little Kindy and its a long lasting four year relationship with the educators there. Supportive and caring, they understand each and every kid and both my kids have learnt a lot and they have been groomed well by the teachers. A happy parent 🙂


TLK is fantastic! They provide a nurturing, educational and supportive environment for the kids and my son is so happy there. He tells stories about his daily experiences and I see it when I walk through the door. The staff are great and provide a variety of individual and group experiences that engage the kids – from practical and hands on play and learning, to classroom and group based sessions that have my son teaching me a thing or 2 I never knew about the topics discussed! I highly recommend TLK to any parent looking for a centre in the Toongabbie area. You won’t be disappointed.

My son has been at That Little Kindy for nearly 3 years & it has been the easiest 3 years of our entire childcare experience.
Prior to TLK we couldn’t find a centre that just fit. The relationships between families, educators & especially the kids is strong & communication is always open.
Fortunately, since joining TLK my son has not had any of the common childcare illnesses & they’ve understood & supported my sons extra medical needs with ease.
My boy can be reactive but TLK educators implemented strategies to assist us & adjusted their program to suit his needs. My sons approach to learning improved immensely & he received encouraging feedback at his Kindy orientation. We now feel better prepared for starting primary school.
We’re only moving from TLK to start Kindergarten at “big school” otherwise we’d probably never leave. We are sad to be finishing up but will be eternally grateful for the time spent with That Little Kindy. I couldn’t recommend That Little Kindy & the team enough.

I can’t speak more highly of our experience at That Little Kindy. All the staff have been so caring and have provided a wonderful education to our youngest. With a family feel to this centre, everyone is so welcome and well known.


My 3 kids went to That Little Kindy from the ages of 2-5. I was so happy with the level of care from all the staff. They treated the girls more like family members than customers.

I got detailed, daily updates on what the girls did and I was really impressed with the challenging, educational activities the educators planned each day. The educators knew each child’s needs without having to check, not just mine but all of them and they never hesitated to make changes to accommodate the needs of any of the kids.

Anytime someone tells me they need to find a daycare centre there’s only one place I recommend! That Little Kindy!



That Little Kindy has been a ‘home away from home’ for our three children. After trialing A number of other centres, we could not be happier to have found such a welcoming place for our children to learn, play and grow. The directors and staff are so approachable, friendly and responsive; and are always considerate of our personal needs as a family.

The intimate setting at That Little Kindy means the educators are always in tune with every child – their needs, abilities, strengths and challenges – and I am constantly impressed by the diversity of up-to-date resources and activities for the children to be involved in.

That Little Kindy was the perfect place to prepare our two eldest children for big school; providing a fun, yet structured learning environment that catered to their individual abilities. Communication is the centre’s strength. We always feel involved in our children’s care, even when we can’t be with them. The daily reflections, regular emails and open dialogue with the educators keeps us informed, and helps facilitate conversations at home about what our children have learnt and enjoyed about their day. We would highly recommend That Little Kindy to anyone looking for quality, family-friendly care for their children.



When looking for care for Oliver there were three main things I was looking for – caring teachers, good education program and a clean safe learning environment.
I found all this and more at That Little Kindy, they soon became like a part of our family not only for me but also for my parents and Oliver’s older Sister.

They were loving, supportive and understanding and this made Oliver’s introduction to schooling the best I could of asked for.
As a result Oliver was more than ready for Kindergarden when the time came and he is now thriving in school. I can not thank That Little Kindy enough for what they have done for Oliver and I.
I had the comfort of dropping Oliver off to caring teachers who genuinely care for their students. I felt at ease going to my corporate job where I need to be 100% focused at all times. I never had to worry about Oliver or what he may be doing or how he was being treated.
That Little Kindy treated Oliver like apart of their family, while also kickstarting and maintaining his education to best prepare him for ‘Big School’.
I have since had twin girls and there is no question as to where they will be going when they turn 2.
They will also get the best start to their schooling journey, with the best care and support from the wonderful teachers at That Little Kindy.
Thank you again Katie, Wendy and all the teachers at That Little Kindy for making mine and Oliver’s life so easy and taking such good care of Oliver during his time there.



After looking around for our eldest daughter we knew that this Kindy was the one for all three of our children. All three children were happy and comfortable at the Kindy which felt like a second home. They never stopped talking about the things they did with their educators.

Our children have become more independent and outgoing which was great as it helped all 3 children prepare for big school. Thank you to the team at That Little Kindy for supporting not only our children but us as well over the 8 years. We will miss you!


Kelly and Graeme